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>Движение по железной дороге восстановлено полностью за 3 с половиной дня. И это февраль1945, когда в Германии уже ничего и ни как.

26. The Eighth Air Force raids against the city’s railway facilities on 14 and 15 February resulted in severe and extensive damage that entirely paralyzed communications. The city’s passenger terminals and major freight stations, warehouses, and storage sheds were, when not totally destroyed, so severely damaged that they were unusable. Roundhouses, railway repair and work shops, coal stations, and other operating facilities, were destroyed, gutted, or severely damaged. The railway bridges over the Elbe river--vital to incoming and outgoing traffic--were rendered unusable and remained closed to traffic for many weeks after the raids.

https://web.archive.org/web/20100817084455/ http://www.airforcehistory.hq.af.mil/PopTopics/dresden.htm