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PT boat которые "PT gunboats"

>День добрый

>На Тихом Океане времен Войны
>Обычные большие ТКА, с которых снимались торпедные аппараты, и ставилась по паре 40мм Бофорсов и по куче 12.7 Браунингов, для борьбы с японскими катерами и "тюлькиным флотом" всяким?
>Оно имело свой =клаасификатор? А какой?

In the Solomon Islands in 1943, three 77-foot (23 m) PT boats, PT-59, PT-60, and PT-61, were converted into "PT gunboats" by stripping them of all original armament except the two twin .50 cal (12.7 mm) gun mounts, then adding two 40mm and four twin .50 cal (12.7 mm) mounts. Lieutenant Kennedy was the first commanding officer of PT-59 after its conversion. On 2 November 1943, PT-59 participated in the rescue of 40 to 50 Marines from Choiseul Island and a foundering landing craft (LCP(R)) which was under fire from Japanese soldiers on the beach.

Towards the end of the war, beginning in 1945, PTs received two eight-cell Mark 50 rocket launchers, launching 5 in (130 mm) spin-stabilized flat trajectory Mark 7 and/or Mark 10 rockets with a range of 11,000 yards (10,000 m). These 16 rockets plus 16 reloads gave them as much firepower as a destroyer's 5-inch (127 mm) guns. By war's end, the PT boat had more "firepower-per-ton" than any other vessel in the U.S. Navy.

PT boats also commonly carried between two and eight U.S. Navy Mark 6 depth charges in roll-off racks. Sometimes they were used as a last-ditch weapon to deter pursuing destroyers. The depth charge could be set to go off at 100 feet (30 m), and by the time it exploded, the pursuing destroyer might be above it.

Additionally, a few PT boats were equipped to carry naval mines launched from mine racks, but these were not commonly used.

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Были и специальной постройки, PGMs

Всё-таки PT Gunboats - это паллиатив. PGMs были и крупнее, и именно артиллерийские корабли, "канонерки" как есть.

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Павлины говоришь?!

>Всё-таки PT Gunboats - это паллиатив. PGMs были и крупнее, и именно артиллерийские корабли, "канонерки" как есть.
про спецпостройку
All eight PGM-1s were converted from SC-497-class submarine chasers.
All 24 PGM-9s were converted from PC-461-class submarine chasers while still under construction.

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Ага, спасибо, видимо оно (-)