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Рубрики WWII; ВВС; Версия для печати

Re: А Германия...

>>Нет, такого приказа, чтобы цианистый калий принимать.
>"The Enola Gay carried several items never before carried by B-29s flying to Japan. Inside of the plane’s forward bomb bay was the Little Boy atomic bomb. And, in his coveralls pocket, Colonel Tibbets had a container of 11 cyanide tablets, one for each member of the crew. He had already given one tablet to Captain Parsons. U.S. officials were aware that B-29 crewmen were being tortured and executed by the Japanese. Tibbets and Parsons, of course, had extensive knowledge of the atomic bomb program, which had the potential to make them especially vulnerable to torture."
Нет такого приказа, чтобы цианистый калий принимать. Сами читали цитату?
С уважением, Марат