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ПОтому что Norseman - это норвежцы.

Я вас приветствую! Хррр. Хрррр. Ххуррагх!

The word Norseman first appears in English in the early nineteenth century: the earliest attestation given in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is from Walter Scott's 1817 Harold the Dauntless. The word was coined using the adjective norse, which was borrowed into English from Dutch in the 16th century with the sense 'Norwegian', and which by Scott's time had acquired the sense "of or relating to Scandinavia or its language, esp[ecially] in ancient or medieval times".[2] Like the modern use of the word viking, therefore, the word norseman has no particular basis in medieval usage.[3]

The term Norseman does, however, echo terms meaning 'Northman' applied to Norse-speakers by the peoples they encountered during the Middle Ages. The Old Frankish word Nortmann ("Northman") was Latinised as Nor­man­nus and was widely used in Latin texts. The Latin word Nor­man­nus then entered Old French as Normands. From this word came the name of the Normans and of Normandy, which was settled by Norsemen in the tenth century.

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