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Рубрики WWII; ВВС; 1917-1939; Версия для печати

Не осилил. Много букв...

"However, as it turned out the next day, that is in the note sent to the Soviets on 11 July 1920, a passage was inserted “to the east of Rawa Ruska, to the east of Przemyśl to the Carpathians” (66) which meant cutting off Lviv and the oilfields from Poland; the Polish side knew nothing of this and certainly it did not express any sort of agreement to it."

"66. The full course of the ceasefire line inserted into the note of 11 July 1920 was as follows: (running north to south) Grodno Grodno – Wałówka – Niemirów – Brzest Litovsk – Dorohusk – Ustiług,to the east of Hrubieszów, through Kryłow and further to the west of Rawa Ruska, and to the east of Przemyśl to the Carpathians. See PowstanieII Rzeczypospolitej…, no. 289, p. 562."

Полагаете, клевещут?